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YWB Project-Vuyo Lingwati

YWB Project-Vuyo Lingwati

Community Youth Development Program gives learners an opportunity to develop their personal abilities while serving their community.  It is a two stage community youth development... Read more

Sri Lanka : Developing the Library at Am-Mayadunne School in Ampara

Sri Lanka : Developing the Library at Am-Mayadunne School in Ampara

Chathura Dissanayake’s project is in Ampara, an area in the South East of Sri Lanka and is home to the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim communities.... Read more

Nepal: Community Fish Farming - Abishek Karn

Nepal: Community Fish Farming - Abishek Karn

Abishekhopes to develop an integrated community fish farming project in Ratanpuri, to enhance living standards of the 56 families living in this rural Nepali village.... Read more

Maldive Islands: Nonviolence training and dialogue (webinar)

IMG_5988CWBI---Maldive-Islandsmal_flagIn March 2011, CBWI President Johnny J. Mack and Maneshka Eliatamby, Vice President of Programs delivered a webinar on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s life and his philosophy of nonviolence to a group of youth and civil society members in Male. The presentation was followed by a question and answer session, during which the audience asked several pertinent and relevant questions regarding the efficacy of Kingian nonviolence as a tool for creating positive change.




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Communities Without Boundaries International, Inc. (CWBI) is an international nongovernmental nonprofit organization that works to build peace through development research, education, and technical assistance in under privileged, conflict, and post-trauma/conflict communities around the globe. With experience working in Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America, our team is equipped to understand the nuanced needs of communities, identify problems and opportunities, and develop sustainable solutions.