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Neetu Pokharel - Nepal

NeetuPokharelNeetu Pokharel is a recent graduate from the University of Nepal, with a Master’s in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies (CPDS). Neetu also holds a Master degree in Business Studies (MBS) and studied at the University of Sri Lanka as an exchange student.  Prior to her Conflict, Peace and Development Studies, Neetu has worked for a NGO with a focus on marginalized children and women for four years.

Currently, Neetu Pokharel is working as a peace program coordinator with a NGO named Women’s Rehabilitation Centre Nepal (WOREC), which works for women on a law based campaign. As a member of Peace Campaign, Neetu has been working about concerns of conflict affected people and violence affected women at the community level. In the same time she has been engaged in a number of activities regarding lobbying and advocating to create pressure on the government and policymakers to ensure rights of women and conflict affected people in Nepal. During her work, she maintained good contacts with human rights activists along with women right activists, youth networks and other stakeholders from multiple levels to raise effectiveness through better coordination. Beside her contribution for peace and development in Nepal, Neetu had also contributed in the Postconflict Presidential Election in Sri Lanka as an international observer. This experience gave her a good opportunity to understand political dimensions of conflict affected countries.

Neetu grew up in a village that makes her understanding problems and issues of the people and communities. Beside that, as a citizen of a conflict-ridden country, Neetu experienced direct and indirect wounds caused by the 10 year long armed conflict in Nepal. These experiences further led her to the decision to pursue peace and conflict studies and engage herself in the peace processes of Nepal. Neetu Pokharel will be further involved in the peace process of Nepal by working as a senior officer in the Secretariat of Special Committee for the Supervision, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Maoist Combatants in Nepal.

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